D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

I had a similar dilema in January but was between the D7000 and the K5 II - I spent a while going backwards and forwards to a local camera shop who were great in letting me spend time looking at and handling the various DSLRs in that price range.  I went with the K5II because I liked it's more compact size and also that it is well known for it's weather resistance which was important for me as I planned to take it to Burma with me.  It's my first DSLR and I absolutely love the results I've so far got from it...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/67567700@N02/sets/72157632836022892/ (the ones labelled Burma are with the Pentax K5; the ones labelled Burma 2011 are with a bridge camera).

Good luck with your decision making - I spent ages trying to decide and as soon as I had bought it I wished I had got it sooner!!!!

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