16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: Rather significant, actually, although YMMV applies

marike6 wrote:

Jonas Palm wrote:

The 16MP sensor shows remarkable advantages in dynamic range (almost 2 f-stops !) and roughly 1 f-stop improvement in high-ISO noise. And of course higher resolution.

Pretty damn significant in my book, you would have to go to the very best full frame sensors to get a similar jump from the 16MP sensor.

Nonsense. You can get quite a bit better IQ if you go to the 24 mp APS-C cameras like the Nikon D7100.  More DR, better color depth, much cleaner files at base ISO and better high ISO ability, superior DOF control, and of course, more resolution.  Add to the mix the intangibles like micro contrast that you get from some of the no OLPF (Optical Low-Pass Filter) cameras like the D7100 and Coolpix A.

I have an E-PL5 and IQ is not nearly as good as my D7000, the X-Pro1 that I use to have, and they certainly aren't nearly as good as the what I've seen from class leading cameras like the D7100 or D5200.  And since you mentioned DxOMark, they confirm what I'm mentioned in their Sensor Ratings.

As far as the best of FF, IQ from my D800 is galaxies away from my E-PL5.  

IQ from the E-PL5/E-PM2/OMD is quite good and with the Sony 16 mp found in the PENs m43 closed the gap somewhat with APS-C, matching some of the older APS-C Canon DSLRs, at least in terms of DxOMark measurements.   But IQ of the 3 Olympus cameras is not on the same level as the best of APS-C.  Forget high ISO, one of the main problems is ISO 200 just cannot compete with the essentially noiseless ISO 100 images from the Nikon APS-C cameras (Coolpix A, D7000, D7100).

I'm sure I won't be popular for saying this, but I've owned more cameras than I can to admit, and these are my observations.

Love my new EPL-5, for the most part.  I do wish they'd do away with the clip-on flash, or at least make the flash tilt back for bounce flash like the Sony NEX-3N.  And I'd love to see the resolution of the LCD panels increased from 460 K.  IQ I don't have much problem with, but above ISO 3200 in low-light, images and colors start to deteriorate.  But these are minor niggles, and on the whole these are nice cameras if small size is important to you.

Cheers, and happy shooting, Markus

Compared to the best APS-c sensors, sure. I can't speak to the latest and greatest Canon APS-c, but it is my experience, that at least against what was on the market a year or so ago from Canon, the OM-D EM-5 sensor is significantly better than the Canon 7d and earlier APS-c Canon sensors.

Beyond WB, which is massively better, noise at similar ISOs (ALL similar ISOs) was/is higher on the 7d, dynamic range is roughly the same, but roll off is better on the OM-D E-M5 in highlights. High ISO noise is also better in that chroma noise is much better supressed than in the 7d, and luminance noise is roughly slightly lower at high ISOs. Resolution also is at least a hair better, though that could be more of a lens issue, but the 16MP of the E-M5 certainly appears higher resolution than the 18MP of the 7d in the few pixel peeps I've had the pleasure of.

My cousin owns a 7d and I've both compared my files to his and shot with his 7d a resonable amount (a couple of hundred photos in a few different occasions).

For what Canon currently puts on the market with APS-c? No idea how the E-M5 stacks up. Compared to the latest and greatest Nikon? No idea either.

I merely bring that up by way of saying "matching older Canon APS-c" hasn't been my experience. It is fair amount better, especially when you throw in things like vastly supperior white balance in the OM-D E-M5 compared to the 7d. If you ignore white balance, okay, it isn't such a world of difference that the Canon sensors look terrible...but it is clearly better in my experience, not on par. Now...dunno with new Canon APS-c cameras.

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