how to travel with camera, tripod and carry on luggage

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Re: how to travel with camera, tripod and carry on luggage

Bluejay wrote:


How you guys manage to travel with your camera and lenses, and carry on luggage.  If I am to take a photography workshop in NYC, they require me that besides the camera/lense, laptop; I need to bring a tripod for the morning and evening shots.

So far I am carrying a backpack for the camera, lenses and laptop and the carry on luggage.

You are fortunate that US carriers do not normally impose a weight limit on carry-on bags as some international carriers do.  Your situation is a piece of cake compared to that.

I suggest taking as much as you can fit in a carry-on and in your "personal item" bag, especially the more expensive items and the things you cannot do without in case of loss or theft.

I always take all my gear in a backpack as a carry-on, and pack any equipment that will not fit in a  smaller bag that I use as my "personal item".  I have never had space to take a tripod in a carry-on, so I reluctantly pack it carefully, along with a Wimberley gimbal head in my checked baggage.  One time I fit the Wimberley in my carry-on but the extra 3lbs was a real headache.  My packpack weighed around 43 lbs loaded with gear the last time I travelled to Alaska, but all of it was necessary.  I had no trouble taking it to my destination, although I had to pay excess baggage charges on Alaska Air to fly within Alaska after I arrived,  and again for the float plane down to Brooks Falls.

If you are not packing super telephoto lenses, your situation is easy and it will be light in comparison to packing for a wildlife trip.  I recently travelled to Kenya, and Ethopian Air has a 15lb limit on carry-on bags.  I had to empty my backpack except for my 500 f4 lens, and put the other gear in my "personal item" bag.  Even then, both bags weighted over 15 lbs each, but it was close and they let it slide.

Good luck...

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