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Re: Just Dying To Give Up More Freedom

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Lucky Sky wrote:

Here in the USA, much of the population is hell bent on giving up freedoms as fast as they can shed them. They want not the responsibility for an open forum, but rather wish to take away others' ability to partake in an open forum (read that as free speech). To them, limiting speech is so much easier rather than accepting responsibility for filtering out that speech which is found to be unappealing to them.

Does the Op get upset at the repetitive headlines in the newspapers? It's always SSDD when it comes to the news. Only the names and locations change. I have a feeling that he/she filters that very news by not reading the story that follows the headline, if that headline is found to be unattractive.

But here we have the nanny state..........people who can't do for themselves, so they'd rather just take away your freedom from you to state your case. If only they could.

Freedom requires responsibility. Inundating the forum with basically the same thread over and over and over again is not being a responsible member of the forum. It is a narcissistic tantrum.

I think a large problem here is a misunderstanding of the "freedom of speech" concept. My interpretation of freedom of speech is that people are allowed to express themselves, and are expected to tolerate other people expressing themselves, even if they don't want to hear it.

There's going to be continuing discussion on the dust problem, especially since there's no evidence that Nikon has a clear solution. It's a very relevant topic to a lot of people. Quite a few people own D600s, and quite a few people considering that camera will be doing research on potential problems. I can see that some people don't want to see such threads, but I don't think that problem can be solved without placing limits on free speech (which would be extremely undesirable).

The main problem here really seems to be a clash of ideologies. Some of us want to preserve the free expression that this forum provides. Some of us wish to limit the number of threads they don't want to read. It's basically a question of whether we want to conform to the USA model of tolerating what others say, versus the China/North Korea/Soviet Union model of hiding/purging speech that's considered undesirable. I personally favor the USA model, and wouldn't like this site to switch over to the other model. However, I definitely wouldn't mind if dissatisfied DPR forum members went out and made a separate "make me happy" forum where dust threads aren't allowed. I just don't think a forum that doesn't want to discuss rather important and relevant topics could be useful.

By the way, I think saying the forum is "inudated" with dust threads is a gross exaggeration. I went through the first page of threads, and counted 6 titles out of 60 related to dust/oil with the D600. What's particularly significant is how I had to actively look for dust threads in order to find them. I don't understand at all how some people have become so agitated and fixated on them. They do pop up once in a while, but whining about the number of dust threads is like throwing a hissy fit because someone dropped a cup of saltwater into a freshwater lake. It's really not much at all, and doesn't interfere with anything, so why in the world should it cause you so much distress??? Come on people...

There is a difference between redundant threads and new information. I think very few, if any, would wish to suppress new information. What many of us object to is the repetition of old information.

For those who say, just skip over what you don't want to read, how would we distinguish between redundant threads and new information?

BTW, where did the idea come from that his is a venue for free speech? It is not. This forum has restrictions. The rules begin with:

"In posting a message you are agreeing to the rules laid out below."

Religious and political speach has never been welcome here. Sexual content is banned. Personal attacks are banned. Discussing moderator actions is not allowed. This is not a free speech venue.

Bashing is not allowed. Bumping is frowned upon. So, posting the same angry statements over and over—to keep the topic at the top of the forum—could be considered a violation of the rules.

The rules also state:

"The forums are provided as a free service; please don't ruin them for everyone else."

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