Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

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Re: Pre-Sharpened K5II studio comparison file compared to K5IIs file

philzucker wrote:

Also have to add that to my knowledge we're not allowed to post parts of the studio comparison shots here (or anywhere else), so you have to try for yourself, if you're interested.

And checked with dpreview and they gave their consent for using their comparison studio shots here in this thread - thanks!-, so I'll furnish you with two examples - remember that the goal was "how to emulate sharpness of the K5IIs output with the K5II output", and not anything else.

So I took the two 80 ISO RAW files K5IIs and K5II from dpreview's comparison tool and began to work.

In this first shot you see from left to right:

1. K5IIs, opened in Lightroom 3.6, default settings, but sharpening set to 0.

2. K5II, LR, default settings, sharpening amount 0, and then sharpened with NIKs RAW Presharpener, default settings

3. K5II, LR, default settings, sharpening amount 70, radius 1.0, detail 0, masking 0

4. K5II, LR, default settings, sharpening amount 70, radius 1.0, detail 25, masking 0

Comparison 1

You have to look at this at 100% of course. I think that NIK emulates the K5IIs' sharpness nicely, not overdoing anything. LR at 70% sharpening amount and 0% detail makes the file appear a little bit clearer, without introducing too much artifacts IMO. LR at the same sharpening amount, but at 25% detail makes those unwanted artifacts clearly visible.

A second and last one:

Comparison 2

Again you have to check this at 100%, of course. On the left side you have the K5II file with an amount of 50% sharpening, radius 1.0, and detail set to 0. IMO this comes very close to the unsharpened K5IIs file at the right, and as a bonus without the unwanted moire (on the right visible at the stem of the blue feather and below the blue beetle).

My conclusion: I'll go with LR capture sharpening for now, using an amount between 50 and 70 and detail set to 0 for default. It integrates better in my workflow than NIK, and is flexible enough for different types of pics using the detail and masking sliders, and gives a good base sharpness without overdoing it for further processing. And it eliminates the K5II AA filter effects quite nicely and completely, IMO.


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