sold my tokina 16-28, got the new nikon 18-35

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Re: sold my tokina 16-28, got the new nikon 18-35

jfk wrote:

narddogg81 wrote:

my plans for shedding weight while maintaining quality are nearly complete.  Sold my 70-200 2.8 VR for the new 70-200 f4, and sold my tokina 16-28 for the nikon 18-35.  I am now saving 2.6 pounds in hiking weight from those 2 lenses.  the 70-200 f4 has superior IQ to my old 70-200 2.8, and the 18-35 so far looks very comparable in IQ to the tokina, with the benefit of less flare and the ability to use my ND grads again.   Im feeling pretty good right now.  I think i may try seeing how i like using just those 2 zooms with the 50 1.8 in between, rather than my 35-70 2.8.  That would save me another pound.

The 18-35 should do you well.  I'm thinking of this very kit for hiking also, minus the 35-70 though.

In my case,  I'm debating between using my 70-300vr, or buy the 70-200 f4.   If you've had experience with the 70-300vr, would appreciate your thoughts between it and your new 70-200 f4 for landscapes?

The 70-300 VR has performed well on my D700 and is doing the same on my D800. I am happy with its performance and I am not prepared to lug anything bulkier around as I am already carrying my 24-70 & 16-35.

Here is a sample shot at 300 mm

Here is 100% Crop of the above shot.

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