Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Will you buy if Nikon went crazy high ISO & not MP?

There are plenty of ways that a D400 would/could be differentiated from a D7100, particularly for the action photographer:

  • 8fps
  • Buffer for 20-30 14-bit RAW files
  • Shorter mirror blackout time (gives you better AF when shooting at max fps)
  • D800 AF that both has more advanced algorithm than D7100, but also works to f/8
  • More AF CPU horsepower than the D7100 (like the D3 AF is more powerful than the D700 AF)
  • Compatibility with 10-pin pro accessories
  • Dedicated AF-ON and AE-L buttons (so you can use AF-ON full time and still have AE-L)
  • Larger body style
  • Viewfinder shutter
This camera would be an excellent companion to the D800 because it would look and feel and operate the same, except it would shoot fast.  Also a logical upgrade to any current DX body owner who wants both modern sensor and shoot fast.  If Nikon executes and prices it around $1500, they could sell a lot and it could be another one of those cameras that lasts in the marketplace as a great camera for 5+ years (like the D300 did).

John, I like where you're going on the specs...and I also liked your very key phrase "if Nikon executes"  Yes, I expect and hope they will.  But if they do this camera right, it should cost around $2k.  It can't be a slight iteration from the D7100.... as you say, there is a lot of room to differentiate from that camera, and *PRO* DX is in bad need of an upgrade.  I will say... if Canon puts the AF system and frame rate of the 1DX into the 7D II, then 8fps is going to start looking weak.  And low MP isn't going to be very pleasing to wildlife photog's like me.  So I hope the tech is there to make this a 24MP beast, with all the specs you mentioned.  We shall find out by the end of the year....

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