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Re: What if you are brand agnostic?

cgarrard wrote:

The best would have to be the camera company that makes the most customers happier than the rest.

Total number ?  Or percentage ?  And then what about the degree to which it makes the remainder unhappy ?  (Thom Hogan recently reported on a poll in which the D800 ranked as Nikons best ever DSLR by many but also its worst by a few, illustrating his point that poor service causes big perception problems).

I suppose the US definition would be the company that returns the most value to its shareholders.

Whatever the answer, it doesn't much matter to me whether I'm shooting their products.  I only want the gear thats best for me at a given point in time.  I suppose that as a photographer I could come up with an answer based on my own opinions ... but it's not worth thinking about.

- Dennis

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