Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Capture is a fine term. I think some people suffer from crapture.

photoreddi wrote:

Based on the appallingly ignorant reply that you made a few minutes ago to Najinsky, you use that silly avatar to make you think that you're effectively countering poor arguments. The fact it, it's you that can't come up with any good arguments. Languages live and evolve, almost always for the better. If "capture" was a poor choice, it would have been scrapped decades ago. The world has spoken but you're unable to hear, let alone comprehend. If you were able to think and respond clearly and logically, you would have no need for the deflection that your silly avatar provides. You'd look less foolish wearing a propeller beanie or even one of these, which is more appropriate.

Well you certainly know how to be rude Photoreddi. I will respond to you politely. Firstly, yes my avatar is there for people to use as an outlet and it's worked again and again. That is for me to say and not you.

As for my reply being appallingly ignorant. Well it was my views in response to what he said. I happened to disagree with what he said and gave reasons for it. You didn't like my reply because you disagree with my views, that's your prerogative, but it's a shame you can't do that politely.

I don't agree that language always evolves for the better. Listening to a lot of kids speaking here in the UK they seem to say the word like almost every other word because of their lack of communicative skills (even my own kids). I would say descriptive language is getting lazier and worse. But that's just my opinion, and in the UK. I'm sorry you don't think I can think, respond clearly and logically, I have just reread my reply and it seems just as clear and logical as your cantankerous rudeness above.

Avatar are there for fun. I happen to use my real name and a real (fun I believe) picture of myself on this forum as well as honestly locating my country in my info. You don't do two of these things, i presume to hide your identity for some reason.

I'm sorry to reply to you somewhat sill post above seriously and honestly, but that is what you seemed to be requesting. I hope you are happy and can reply in a similar way. If you can't then don't bother and neither of will waste any more of each other's time.

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