OVER JUICING THE RAM OF MY LAPTOP - is it the right thing to do?

Started Jan 17, 2013 | Questions thread
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Might work

Often when the motherboard or the laptop first comes out, the manufacturer sets a memory limit and that is all it will take. Then later in the product life they do a bios upgrade which as part of the upgrade the amount of ram is increased. I have seen this several times with systems I have owned.

So when you call in and ask support or sales, they read off a sheet that says, the limit is say 8gb, but then you go to the download section and you find several bios updates and you read what they do, one of them might say, updates the biaos to accept say 16.

But I have seen systems that Intel says the chipset supports 16 but the manufacturer bios only accepts 8 and if there is no bios update and is limited by the computer manufacturer to for product differentiation, then it will only take the lower amount

In your case there has been some documentation on this. But for sure the person only said 12gb 8gb and 4gb. The other points to the same article. I also seen some ram websites selling 16gb for this model.



You could try it, make sure the place you buy the ram from has a good return policy but you will probably pay for shipping back and look for restocking fees. It might work good luck.

SMSab wrote:

Hello Guys

I am using my Sony Vegas Pro 12 on my Dell 3450 (i5 + 6GB RAM + Two basic level built in Intel and AMD graphic cards) for the HD Video Rendering though the computer becomes very very slow and sluggish during the process and I want to upgrade the RAM.

Dell website says the max amount of RAM for this laptop is 8GB and I stumble upon one we blink from DELL Online Community Forum in which one guy said that INTEL website says Dell 3450 can take 16 GB MAX though Dell insist on 8GB Max and then later in same blog one more guy said that he is using 16GB with his Dell 3450, its working for him.

It sounds tempting and yes I would really like to upgrade the RAM to 16GB so I can do some HD Video Rendering smoothly for another year or so though really want your advice and opinion on this upgrade - is it safe to over juice the machine? any technical issues or conflicts that can occur?

I know that most of the times companies want to hide the max limit of their products from their customers to protect their future sales/profits though if I can upgrade to 16GB with intel 2nd Gen i5 then I think I am good for another 3 or 4 years BUT really want your advice on both matters promptly.


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