Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Capture is a fine term. I think some people suffer from crapture.

JulesJ wrote:


It was only a few days ago I again stated why I kept my Avatar and i repeat. To give ammunition to those disagreeing with me who can't think of any good arguments. They then resort to making jokes about my picture. It's an outlet for you and here it has worked well again.

Based on the appallingly ignorant reply that you made a few minutes ago to Najinsky, you use that silly avatar to make you think that you're effectively countering poor arguments. The fact it, it's you that can't come up with any good arguments. Languages live and evolve, almost always for the better. If "capture" was a poor choice, it would have been scrapped decades ago. The world has spoken but you're unable to hear, let alone comprehend. If you were able to think and respond clearly and logically, you would have no need for the deflection that your silly avatar provides. You'd look less foolish wearing a propeller beanie or even one of these, which is more appropriate.

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