Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Capture is a fine term. I think some people suffer from crapture.

photoreddi wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

if it was indeed called capture, which is not proved yet.

I'm not trying to prove anything or convince anyone. It simply comes down to how I like to communicate.

The next time you post a photo I like, I may say;

"Excellent work, nice capture"

Why not say, excellent work, nice picture, or photograph. Why is wrongwith the proper term. Why invent a new one?


"Well done, you really captured the mood"

That sentence is perfectly acceptable, a mood certainly can be captured.

Once I do that, one of three things will happen. Either;

a) You understand what I have tried to communicate and take the compliment offered,

b) you are confused by the strange words,

c) you are offended by the stylistic 'hipster' use of grammar.

We'll just have to wait and see which it is.

None of those. Just a heartfelt wish that you had used the great descriptive and more meaningful words that we already had.

With the word WE, you attempt to define a population or community.

With the words ALREADY HAD, you attempt to define a pre-existing vocabulary.

So in return, I offer you a community, a familiar population, using a certain pre-existing vocabulary:

"Nikon has posted a firmware update for its Coolpix P7700 compact camera. Firmware 1.1 increases the accuracy of the P7700's virtual horizon, decreases delay between captures in auto exposure bracketing mode and addresses an issue that prevented shutter speeds slower than one second for the second and subsequent shots when shooting with Auto bracketing set to Exposure bracketing. The update is available for immediate download from Nikon's website."

From a little known but non-the-less active photography community known as dpreview.

And no doubt that paragraph was formed in part from the dictionary definition:


4. To succeed in preserving in lasting form: capture a likeness in a painting.

See how the dictionary agrees with me? See how it conveys the notion of success in preserving in lasting form.

That's because that's what the word means.

In other words, I did use "the great descriptive and more meaningful words that we already had".

You just can't bring yourself to see it because this is an internet forum, the one place on the planet where you have the right to claim whatever you like under some bizarre guise that it permits a  freedom of opinion where reality doesn't matter.

Can't be helped because you can't stop mad dogs and Englishmen from going out in the mid-day sun. Usually it's only slightly debilitating because of the long tradition of having some form of protection, such as hats, fedoras, parasols, etc. But it gets seriously bad, as bad as using unapproved vocabulary when such stalwart defensive measures are replaced with (ugh) smelly, stinky ....

... pooping pigeons.

It was only a few days ago I again stated why I kept my Avatar and i repeat. To give ammunition to those disagreeing with me who can't think of any good arguments. They then resort to making jokes about my picture. It's an outlet for you and here it has worked well again.

By the way, you should try OnOne's Resize, it would do a better job than you have here. But thanks for the plug!

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