HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

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Re: HS50EXR vs SL1000.Anyone compared these 2 camera?

The moon isn't upside down, you are! lol

As for the HS50, you definitely need to come away from default settings to get the best from it image quality wise. But then these cams are aimed at enthusiast photographers and above for the most part. So we know about apertures and ISO and noise. The casual buyers who get one, don't know the intricacies and so therefore will not get the best results out of it. Which is why these cameras should come with a proper photography field guide. Something consumers can refer to for getting the best out of the camera.

For the most part all new cameras from whichever manufacturer offer the same sort of images in the same price/performance brackets. The only difference is things such as EXR, Smart auto, Digic etc. The problem being that companies like Fuji or Canon or Nikon, tout these features as must have, and over promote them, without mentioning how you are supposed to use them!

But for the Fuji X-S1 Vs the HS50, it comes down to what you want, the X-S1 definitely has better IQ in the right hands, but the HS50 has long manual zoom. SO it's a trade off, just like any other choice. I went with the HS50 for the long zoom reach, and so far have not regretted my decision at all. If i want super high quality images, then i'll grab a Canon DSLR and use that, but so far, i've not needed to, and with neurological damage to my upper spine, i have to make sure my camera doesn't weigh too much.

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