Lee holder filter slipping problem

Started Apr 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
splbound Junior Member • Posts: 47
Re: Lee holder filter slipping problem

I don't have the same problem yet with my 4x4 cpl as my lee holder is still tight.

I now use the "screw fix" on the holder so the screws stop the cpl from slipping down when using the CPL in the first slot (closest to the lens) which is where I usually would have it. If I have my big stopper in at the same time I adjust the screws to also cover the 2nd slot.
A bit fiddly but the time and cost to acquire a replacement is worth the extra time it takes to set up.

Unsure if I can post a link directly to the thread for the workaround on the POTN forum, but googling "lee 4x4 cpl slipping" should get you to the right place.

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