X100S - Full Wedding

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Re: X100S - Full Wedding

He used VSCO filters, I also have an X100s and LR4.4 and VSCO filters, once you use the VSCO filters you know the signature.

You're off, dude. I've never touched VSCO before. It's my own tweaks (a combo of many many things that is never static) in LR 4.4.

VSCO or not...irrelevant. You can preset or post the living daylights out of a photo and if it was a crappy photo, it will be a crappy photo with a funky look...but still primary a crappy photo.

Brian's photos are good photos before anything else. Some very original ones there as well as some cool moments, some good composition. Mess that up and I wish you the best of luck with VSCO and/or any other post processing. You can reduce the crappiness, but a good photo it does not make.

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