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Tareq Abdulla wrote:

I may do it once rather than upgrade to 16GB then to 32GB later, so from this link, which one you want to choose?

Depends to the model and space of a CPU cooler installed on the motherboard and the layout of the motherboard. The high model memory heat-sinks as from two CORSAIR Vengeance types (the black ones) mostly come into conflict to the wide spread dimensions of a CPU cooler heatsink / fan. Even the more low profile CORSAIR Dominator, it could be that you have to take off a small tile of the upper part of the heatsink. (In past I have seen images of it, for mounting properly).

I would suggest the G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series, as these are rather low in profile, but also do have the most fast latency values (9-9-9-24). But you really have to measure the dimensions of the choosen CPU-cooler, convincing if it brings no problems in using it, to the heat sinks of the memory. The other even more low profile memory modules are the blue type heatsink CORSAIR vengeance modules, but these have latency values just a tiny bit slower.

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