First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Ok, I'm considering going with the Sigma 35mm rather than the 50mm NIKKOR.  One quick question though is that the reason I added the 85mm was a fear of haveing to be too "in the face" with my subjects based on what I read about the 50mm.  Wouldn't the 35mm require you to be right on the subject?  Also, being further back with (for instance) the 50 or the 85mm, if I can still get a good shot, wouldn't I have the ability to crop down while retaining excellent resolution with the 36MP array?  Just some thoughts/questions I had regarding that idea.

Also, is it generally an accepted fact then that the 1.4 NIKKOR is always better than the 1.8 NIKKOR in like-for-like revisions like the G?  So the 1.4G 85mm NIKKOR is preferred over the 1.4G NIKKOR,  and the same for the 50mm NIKKOR?

Finally as I see the point about quality glass, I'm thinking highest quality primes now.  Much of my previous notitions were based on reviews by Trey Ratcliff, but now I think my weighting toward his preferences may have been skewed as he is a travel photog that doesn't like to carry extra lenses or switch lenses, and everything he shoots gets HDR'd anyway.  I will be a hobby photog and wish to shoot interesting landscapes (perhaos some HDR) of my local area.  Local interest stuff.  I want vivid wonderful shots of my children and loved ones too.

I'm so excited and thank you all deeply for the intensely well articulated and thought out direction.

Again, current thinking is:

  1. Either the Sigma 35mm1.4 or the NIKKOR 50mm1.4 pending thoughts on cropping down the 50mm shots.  The 50mm NIKKOR is cheaper by a $400 in a similar 1/4 arrangement and it got good reviews. 
  2. Also still planning on an 85mm NIKKOR.  The 1.8G got good reviews but I'm not against upgrading to the 1.4G if it is at all better???  After all, this is a long term purchase.

As I see al the points about the telephoto, I may just accept that the telephoto is a huge compromise yet buy the 70x300 anyways because it's nearly half off to give me a reach out and grab it lens if I need it, and to have it to play with.  When I'm done with it, if I decide it was an error to buy it, it seems I won't lose much with that kind of a discount.


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