MFT sensor vs APS-C

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I have both

Mo50 wrote:

Has anyone shot a test under controlled conditions facing the EM5's sensor against an SLR sensor, say APS-C (x1.6) from a Canon Rebel.

True, I am viewing on a standard screen and looking at images, many of which have been manipulated, but I am feeling that the MFT shots in general do not have the depth of color and fullness of the larger sensor cameras.

I am on the line. I really would like to go MFT, but do not want to give up quality. I am presently shooting with a 50D as my primary camera.




I shoot both the E-M5 and the 7D. The only reason the 7D is not yet on ebay is the fact that I like tele photography, and MFT is no match for Canon in both cameras and lenses in that area. Over the years I upgraded my MFT system (started with a GF1) and sold a lot of my Canon glass.

Other than that, Canon is great, but I get the same quality shots with my E-M5. There are advantages and disadvantages for both, beyond the size difference, but in the end both can deliver fantastic shots of similar subjects (except tele).

See this thread for some of my recent shots with the E-M5:

For me it is MFT for everything except wildlife. Fullframe cameras are a different story, but APS-C and MFT are not that far apart.

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