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What Digital Camera review also said that it seemed smaller than the GH2 and they could not get the far corners as sharp as the centre in the EVF even after fiddling with the dioptre control. They gave the camera a Gold 92% though but it is odd that Panasonic fall short on such a fundamental requirement and in such an expensive camera. It does not seem to be just an internet issue. It might vary with each individual's eyesight though but that makes it a bit of a lottery buying one.

It would be nice to try the camera out but even the dedicated Panasonic shop in my local large town does not sell Panasonic cameras, they said they do not make any money from them.

ianbrown wrote:

To be honest I wanted so much to like the GH3. So much so I tried 3 of them and then went to two other outlets to view the EVF.

But coming from OVF I just couldn't come to terms with the viewfinder on the GH3. I had a major issue with smearing if I moved my eye away from dead centre and also there was a green colour cast.

some people can't see anything wrong with the GH3 EVF and others live with it.

I compared it with the Sony NEX6 and also the OMD and both had less contrast but much better clarity.


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