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Re: Original point of subthread still good

rovingtim wrote:

The original point is that more sales allows for more people to find more problems. Keep in mind that the people on this forum, for the most part, love Olympus and overlook its many problems in favour of the joy they find in 4/3rds.

If you think this is a defendable scientific observation, try this thread on an open forum and see what happens.

alatchin wrote:

The self cleaning sensor, while now duplicated, is still the best version on the market.

The reason it is the best on the market is it is done in a unique way (membrane over sensor). It is better for a number of reasons. No one has duplicated it.

Now while Canon has produced some class leading technology, so has every camera maker. Olympus went from no PDAF AF to a very competent system in about 8 years, Canon has been developing theirs for over 20 years...

This statement could be disputed, especially in the area of CAF which is much harder to implement than SAF.

Now when you look at CDAF technology and Live view shoooting and AF Olympus has been worlds ahead of Canon...

Live view shooting has been around since compact digitals have been around. Canon has made compact digitals for ages.

However, the Panny/Oly implementation for CDAF in m4/3rds has been stellar and the sales reflect this.

Just to correct you, just because they dont have it in the most expensive pro cameras, doesnt mean it is because of durability. The E-3/5 were considered some of the most robust cameras out there, one could say their failure rate was about as common as any issue on any pro body.

I found the E1 much more durable than the E3/E5 bodies. The E3/E5 weaknesses include weak and leaky LCD's, mediocre seals on the ports, instant loss eye cap design, crooked viewfinders, dodgy AF (in the E3 at least). The E1 was terrible for the loosening rubber, but that was it ... except in the very beginning when it had shutter problems which Olympus promptly acknowledged and fixed unlike their recent behaviour.

So what is pivotal for one photographer is useless to another.


No, but by all accounts for the price of one of the top tier bodies you could buy 2 E-X cameras, so for the price of 2 top tier bodies you can buy 4 E-X bodies YOu would need a failure rate double that of the bog players to run out of bodies You get my point I am sure. Canon and Nikon make superb cameras, as does Olympus.

The CaNikon top tier cameras run circles around the EX's in several key photographic areas. If you don't need that performance (and won't in the future), then Oly may be a serious contender, but otherwise CaNikon is a no-brainer.

Decision or user?

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