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Re: The old half step selection of lenses.

Guy Parsons wrote:

lester11 wrote:

Off topic I know, but I've been looking for ways to express the 12 - 17 - 25 sequence, hadn't come across "half-stop differences" before (smile).  How are these "half stop", please?  Are there different terms other folks use for this kind of sequence?

A nice logical way is to work outwards from your favourite focal length to build a sensible set of primes. Use 2x if prepared to do some cropping and the pixel count allows it, but better is the root 2 spacing which makes cropping a bit less destructive. Put the 17mm in the middle as my most used focal length (35mm) in film days and expand out a few each way......

8.5, 12, 17, 24, 34, 48, 68, 96, 136 is a good set, or select focal lengths available close to that set. Of course not everyone wants or needs that number of primes to carry, choose as needed.

But hey, I find zooms so useful now that the primes are only for special purposes like the 60mm macro.

Regards....... Guy

Yes, funny how 'focal length' preferences have changed with times. 28 now replaced by 24. 135 has in all aspects vanished.

Personally I think 24, 35, 50 follow the half-stop rule ok. Until you get to telephotos, then it becomes 2x FL rule.

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