16MP sensor improvements?

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Forget the numbers, the new sensor is much better

People can always argue about measurments and graphs. What counts are the pictures.

Having used the 12Mpix in many cameras (E-5, E-P1, G1, GF2) and the 16 Mpix from the GH2, I can assure you that the OM-D sensor is a big step up in the real world.

You can immediately see it in the JPEGs : the highlights (like clouds,...) have a much smoother look, which gives the picture a more pleasing, natural look, less digital. The transitions between tonalities are much better too.

In RAW, you'll have more latitude to recover highlights, and less noise in the shadows, which are two really enjoyable things.

Of course, you can take wonderful pictures with all cameras, and even the old 12Mpix is good enough for most applications. I often myself still grab my antediluvian 5Mpix E-1, and am more than happy with the pictures.

But there's one parameter that can't be measured with numbers or graphs : personal enjoyement. In this department, YMMV

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