Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

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Re: Be Thankful For Olympus Gear

Gidday Hannibal

I think that Abe said a lot of what needed to be said, and well said too.

All I can add is that the only piece of Olympus gear that has ever failed on me in any way is the shutter cocking lever jammed on my original OM1 after some 30 years of use (and neglect ... ). A long overdue service fixed that.

I may just be fortunate, but none of my Olympus digital gear has ever failed to perform properly within its limitations - limitations, both real and imagined, that have been viciously pointed out to us all here thousands of times over the years ...

Even the "viewfinder lean" that all my cameras have at times magically disappears when I pay proper attention to what I am supposed to be doing ...

Even the truly ghastly plastic lens mounts on the two kit lenses that came with my E-510 are still perfectly good nearly six years down the track and many, many hundreds of lens changes later.

Hopefully, all my gear will continue to work well for a long time to come.

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