DPR mans up and nails it!

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Re: DPR mans up and nails it!

Allan Olesen wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Nicely phrased, indeed!  Simple, clear, and to the point.

I wonder if there is some internal disagreement at DPR.

They do calculate the FF equivalent f-stop for lenses on compact cameras and have done so for some time. That means that someone at DPR seems to have grasped the concept of equivalence. Probably the same person who wrote the first version of the Sigma lens text. But perhaps he is alone and have been outgunned by other DPR editors when they read the announcement.

No reason to speculate. Andy Westlake already explainedthat it was him who changed the text and the reason why. Whether you like his reason is another matter entirely, but he clearly understands the concept of equivalence and, I believe, so does the rest of the editorial team. It is not like it is some really hard concept to grasp after all

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