MFT sensor vs APS-C

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Re: MFT sensor vs APS-C

Mo50 wrote:

Has anyone shot a test under controlled conditions facing the EM5's sensor against an SLR sensor, say APS-C (x1.6) from a Canon Rebel.

True, I am viewing on a standard screen and looking at images, many of which have been manipulated, but I am feeling that the MFT shots in general do not have the depth of color and fullness of the larger sensor cameras.

I am on the line. I really would like to go MFT, but do not want to give up quality. I am presently shooting with a 50D as my primary camera.



E-PL5 (same sensor as E-M5) vs Nikon D7000 - both 16 MP

@ ISO 200 any difference in image quality is insignificant in prints or normal viewing. (That's shooting raw - not taking into account any vagaries of the jpeg engines)

@ ISO 1600 the D7000 is better in large prints but for an 8x10 print or an HD screen the difference is not visible. (normal viewing)

Image quality (colour depth, dynamic range, snr etc)  is not the main differentiator though. The D7000 AF is far far better at tracking moving subjects. It also can sit on a tripod for days waiting for a remote trigger with virtually no battery drain. No m43 camera can do this (except possibly the GH3 perhaps) DSLRs still have advantages in overall capability.

The reason for owning the E-PL5 is to make use of the small and lightweight lenses. Micro 4/3 lenses are wonderful. The cameras are OK, but I still have a DSLR to do what they cannot do or don't do very well.

Think lenses and just get the body that makes the best sense to use them on.



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