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esco wrote:

Doctor Lecter wrote:

"Canikon always seems to be on the cutting edge..."

Really? They developed IBIS? And they were the first with self-cleaning sensors? Oh, and they were the first with articulating LCDs? I must be mistaken then...

I do agree that if they sell a whole lot more, they will get more complaints, etc. But there's the counter-argument that if they sell a lot more, they should know exactly what they are doing.

Um Minolta offered ibis a few years before olympus. . .it was offered in the maxxum 5d/7d
Considering canikon's af systems are constantly evolving and is a component that is amongst some of the most complex to develop along with new sensors that are constantly being brought out then yes I would say they have always been in cutting edge tech when it comes to dslr's- more so than Olympus by a large gap.

In one moment you mention someone developing a product before Olympus making it a redundant point, but then you bring up AF. well Canon wasn;t the first company to offer AF so it is hardly cutting edge... OR we could agree that the IBIS in the olympus bodies was far more developed than the older minolta IBIS, and in fact the newer IBIS is a hige leap stabilizing in stills, in video and in the EVF for any lens you can stick on the camera.

The self cleaning sensor, while now duplicated, is still the best version on the market.

Now while Canon has produced some class leading technology, so has every camera maker. Olympus went from no PDAF AF to a very competent system in about 8 years, Canon has been developing theirs for over 20 years... Now when you look at CDAF technology and Live view shoooting and AF Olympus has been worlds ahead of Canon... So not all focusing tech goes Canon's way.. As for sensors, we are really talking Canon vs Sony vs Panasonic... Panasonic lags, sony leads and Canon is in the middle.

I should of probably mentioned Sony as well.
sswf is nice i'll give them that, articulating lcd's we've seen for years in compacts from many makes so it's addition to dslr's was inevitable - it doesn't take a genious to figure that one out but I applaud olympus for releasing it on a dslr finally. There are pros and cons to articulating screens in a dslr, it increases size and reduces durability which is why you just don't see it in the best pro bodies out there.

Just to correct you, just because they dont have it in the most expensive pro cameras, doesnt mean it is because of durability. The E-3/5 were considered some of the most robust cameras out there, one could say their failure rate was about as common as any issue on any pro body.

When it comes to the fundamentals, the things that are absolutely crucial to capturing a photo and are expected to be in constant evolution like af and sensors. . .Olympus has never been cutting edge, not even close.

Again, why do you get to set what is crucial for picture taking? I find lenses fairly crucial, and while you mention them below the 43rds format has enjoyed one of the widest spreads of cross type AF points for quite some time I have always found that incredibly useful as I have almost never used CAF (the only real failing of Olympus AF)... So what is pivotal for one photographer is useless to another.

The lenses have always been awesome, the bodies have always lagged - this is no secret. I'm not saying they aren't great photography tools or that you can't capture a great photo with them. . .i'm just telling it how it is when it comes to tech.

You are telling it how you see it, not how it is. Just as I have mentioned how I see it, not how it is. Olympus has introduced as many useful features for shooters as anyone else. I am hitting up a clients location to shoot events for their website (a banquet hall). One of the things I have been doing is holding the tripod by the legs and framing using the screen tilted down so I can frame the big hall from above, IBIS and a tilting screen were far more useful for this series of shoots than CAF or a 90point AF array... Horses for courses.

When it comes to defects, even leica makes mistakes. Humans make mistakes, you can't rule out that equation but considering you can exchange a canikon body or lens at your local shop or get it serviced with ease. . .that's not a bad spot to be in is it?

No, but by all accounts for the price of one of the top tier bodies you could buy 2 E-X cameras, so for the price of 2 top tier bodies you can buy 4 E-X bodies YOu would need a failure rate double that of the bog players to run out of bodies You get my point I am sure. Canon and Nikon make superb cameras, as does Olympus.

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