Nex F3 Noise Reduction Question

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Re: Nex F3 Noise Reduction Question

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Obviously it shouldn't be, as RAW should be, well, raw.


But you could check this by taking two shots, identical except for the two NR settings, and comparing the noise in the RAW files.

Yes, thankyou, I thought of that, but do not think that will, definitively, prove whether or not NR of any kind is applied to the Raw file.

Surely it would definitively prove it? Two identical raw files except for the NR settings will either show either identical or different noise levels?! It's limited as a scientific experiment obviously by relying on you simply eye-balling the shots to judge the noise, but with noise reduction turned off in the RAW converter it should be fairly obvious if one is different. Mind you, there's not much you can do about it anyhow, if it is baked in to the RAW. I just set NR at its lowest and forget about it!

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Even if I shoot Raw and Jpeg, and even if the Raw has less noise, it in no way proves the Raw has no NR.  Many cameras have NR, even when switched to off, engaged for the Raw file @ a certian ISO setting.

BTW, the noise reduction settings are "Low" & "Normal."  That is the extent of choice provided.


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