GPS logger and geotagging question

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Re: GPS logger and geotagging question

foolography wrote:

You simply don't need as much reserve batteries with a split solution. Furthermore it is possible to still shoot photos after the GPS receiver drained the build-in battery, compared to the Aoka where you can't use the camera after the GPS drained all of your battery power.

It mostly depends on the usage scenario. The split solutions is way more energy efficient and in that regard to be prefered in most cases.

Then I understand that you have a way more energy efficient BT-GPS than mine Holux, or you have far less demand in comfort, logistics or speed than me. Because my Holux alone use more power than the Aoketec-GPS. When I was using a the Holux and a BT-plug, I allways had to shut down the GPS after each use, or it would go down after the first day if I didn't have a bag of extra batteries. For a short period I was using a BT-GPS with some fancy power saving function that let it shut down by it self after some inactivity. That was a real pain, as the GPS was never ready, and I had to go down in the pocket to switch it on each time it was shutted down. A GPS that follow the power saving of the camera, is a lot easyer to use. And with a power switch, also near the camera, it is also easyer to power on and off manually. With the autoactivation of the Aokatec GPS every 5 minutes or so, it is also allways capable of a hot start. The one thing I miss, is a option to let it be on all time, because a hot start is not allways fast enough, and several minutes old coordinates can be pretty bad, when moving fast, like in a plane (That is the only usage of my BT-plug after I get my second Aokatec GPS).

And as long as I can keep track of battery reserves, it is easy to shut off the GPS when needed and use all reserves for the camera. That is not possible with the bag of batteries for the stand alone GPS.

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