SUCCESS- Printfab and the Epson 3880 prints 17x56 pano

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Re: SUCCESS- Printfab and the Epson 3880 prints 17x56 pano

mike clemens wrote:

The longer ends are because the curl in the paper. You have to manhandle the paper a bit to get it to load, lots of hands/fingers on basically shoving it into the rear feed. Also, when the end of the paper comes out, it has a lot of spring in it from the curl, so it can reach up and touch inked parts of the printer that it shouldn't.

You may want to give the top sheet feeder a try. I know several people that use it for everything, including heavier papers.

I presume that Epson EFF comes in three inch core. Two inch cores should be avoided like the plague.

BEST PRACTICE - get the dang roll out of the paper with one of those way overpriced derollers.

Bienfang D-roller. There used to be three models: 24 inch by 38 inches long, 50 by 38, and 50 by something longer. I have only seen the two 38 inch models recently. So you would be out of luck for a 60 inch print.

I think Joe Toolman was using roller bilnds for decurling, and you should certainly be able to get those in longer lengths.

Brian A

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