D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

Biggest difference between the two bodies is Pentax has in-body image stabilization.  This is a large advantage in my opinion.  I own Nikon D700 and five very good lenses - 4 AF and one manual focus.  None have stabilization built in.  Also, Nikon D7100 has greater resolution and newer sensor.

Forget about number of AF "zones".

"The other big issue to me with the current K-5 (including last fall's upgrades) is the limited AF zones -- which Nikon has increased on its new cameras, yet Pentax chose to not increase (even though Nikon already had it beat on the older cameras) on the K-5II upgrades. A maximum of 11 AF zones just doesn't get it, I don't think -- especially not when Nikon's equivalents are now past 50 zones, and were already at 39."

Most people use one AF focus point.  11 is plenty if they work well.  The key is how well the one or maybe 9/21 central points actually work in low light.  Nikon may have slight advantage as to AF.

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