A great deal on an excellent location monolight...

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Re: A great deal on an excellent location monolight...

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Luke Kaven wrote:

Hmm.  At a rated 180 W/s, I would be hoping that it has at least the output of the FP320M monolight, rated at 150 W/s.  If the rating is correct, that would put it beyond the SB800 by quite a bit. I get a /lot/ of light from the FP320, and have almost never had to use it at full power for a portrait session.

I almost never use the SB800 on full power either.  Having said that, it requires a lot more power (and therefore slower recycle time) behind modifiers.  You really notice it when going from a 400W/s rated light monolight.

What F-stop do you shoot at with the FP320M?  What modifiers?  With studio monolights and softboxes, I'm usually shooting around F8.

The FP320 is /built/, leaving me wondering exactly what the niche is for this new item.  I guess it includes the battery, which you need to buy separately for the FP320M.  So maybe it is essentially a budget item.

For the added cost you are getting a case, batteries, chargers, and umbrella...plus a considerably smaller and lighter package.  If the recycle time for the FP320 is accurate, it recycles in half the time on it's battery pack though.

Just to clarify, the FP320 is the AC-only monolight, and the FP320M is the AC-DC monolight sold without the battery pack.  I have the AC-only model, not the AC-DC model.  But the AC-DC model is clearly based on the AC-only model.

I use the softlighter, softboxes, and bounce umbrellas, and usually shoot at f/8 with the modifiers.  This is mainly for portrait sessions.  But I don't need full power for this.

I'm not going to speak about preference over speedlights, but I can say that the FP320 can shoot all day for years on and off location without breaking down or overheating.

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