A99 for Events/Weddings/Etc, couple questions

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Re: A99 for Events/Weddings/Etc, couple questions

Thanks everyone so far!  I found a good deal on a grip and HVL-f60m flash that someone was selling (they had gotten them for free as part of that Amazon deal) and also got a decent price on a used 24-70.  I wanted it mainly for the fast focus and just wanted a Zeiss lens.  Figured I can always resell it close to what I paid anyway.

The camera actually came with a new Sony 50mm f/1.4 as well, but it is too slow focusing for my purposes, and seems hit or miss at f/1.4 anyway, so figured the 24-70 will fit my needs a lot better.  The 70-210 f/4 does focus fairly fast on the body, so will give that a go for at least a little while, but have a feeling I will end up with the 70-200 f/2.8 once I sell the rest of my Nikon goodies.

So far I love the camera, I really like how the face detect recognition works for shooting people, just make sure to put some of the focus points over the face and it auto grabs the face.  That is so much easier than trying to change points quickly on the fly.  I will have to try out some of the other autofocus modes, but just initially I have been happy with AF-A.  I notice if my subject is not a person I don't like that as much and the local? focus point option is nice where I can set my own point.

I decoupled the shutter release and focus and moved it to the AF button.  That HVL-f60m flash is insanely powerful, not used to that kind of output with my SB-700 units  I will watch for overheating, but probably just set the camera in high ISO to reduce the chance, get a battery pack, and if it is a problem go with it from there, maybe make sure I have a flash I can swap it with or something.

It feels good to have a full frame camera again, although I find crop adequate most of the time as long as you have adequate lenses.

One of my first shots:


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