OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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Re: No bug, just is the way it works.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Next post some samples in a minute or two......

Went away and tried E-300 + FL-50 in a dim room and immediately nice result with a "proper" histogram.

Then next stuck the FL-50 on the E-PL5 and got this below for the same scene in a dim junk room, these are FastStone Viewer thumbnails from a Ricoh camera that photographed the LCD of my E-PL5 in playback to show the various playback histograms.

First shot at 0 flash compensation, right shot at plus 1.3 flash comp, bottom shot at plus 1.7 flash comp.

No matter what I do, fill flash or auto flash, with any metering mode, with any Pen with any Oly  flash in TTL I get a histogram like in the first shot being close to 2 stops under. The same happens in other rooms and distances and whether direct flash or bounce flash as long as there's not enough ambient light to have any effect but enough light to allow AF to function.

So getting back to the OP long ago, it is the way that M4/3 TTL flash for Pens and OM-D behaves for Olympus and we need to learn to cope with it. I am confirming his initial post.

Regards..... Guy

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