OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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Re: No bug, just is the way it works.....

John King wrote:

Gidday Guy

Guy Parsons wrote:

Every Oly camera with TTL flash does this same thing. It's no bug, just the way it is designed and we have to learn to use it properly.

This is simply incorrect. I have never had this sort of exposure problem with either the on-board flash with my E-510 and E-30, or with the FL-36R on either them or my E-1. Simply doesn't happen.

Yes it is incorrect (sorry about that), my E-300 plus FL-50 works fine, but then it has a different method of TTL where it measures the TTL test flash off the back of the grey coloured shutter blades after the mirror gets out of the way. The E-1 does the same, later DSLRs did the metering before the mirror goes up but end up with the same result.

My "every Oly" was a bit loose in that sentence, read further where I better define it as "...any Pen body or any Olympus flash that I've tried". The 3 Pens and 4 flashes that I've tried in various combinations all need that positive flash compensation. It's something peculiar to M4/3 Olys.

From about 0.5m to 10m and beyond, the flash works exactly as advertised in TTL AUTO FOUR THIRDS ZOOM mode ("TTL AUTO") on all my cameras. If it's wrong, it's because I have got something wrong. I have never dialled in an exposure compensation using flash in my life ...

I can replicate the effect, but only by not using the correct metering mode, or otherwise mucking up my camera settings.

Yes yes, but that's all DSLRs and not M4/3 Pens and E-M5 that we are discussing in this thread.

Sorry about my loose statement in my first para that caused your post.

Ambient light has little, if any effect. The only time I take it into account is when using fill flash, and even here the TTL AUTO mode works well much of the time.

Ambient light intrudes if it is bright enough and (in)appropriate aperture and shutter speeds are used. I've had plenty of cases of people asking me why their shots with flash have people blurred in them.

Next post some samples in a minute or two......

Regards...... Guy

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