How was this lit?

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Re: How was this lit?

TiagoReil wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

This appears to be lit on-axis with the camera with a harsh light source yet it doesn't have that look of on-camera flash. Perhaps the key light is on-camera flash and the fill is a softbox, also on-axis with the camera? Or was this done simply with a large ring flash?
The skin has a bit of that plasticky look to it from heavy post-processing, so perhaps that partially explains the lack of harshness to her skin?

Waddya think?

Zoom into the eyes to know the lights:

I see a medium softbox on one of the eyes. IT is obviously centered. Probably there are reflectors that we dont see, or lights that are not directed to the front.

Yes, you can usually tell position of a light by looking at the catch light in the eyes; but it is very difficult to judge the size of the light unless you know how far away it is from the subject. And relative size of the light determines how hard the shadows are.

In this case I'm betting it is a relatively large light source - say a 5'-8' ft parabolic reflector - relatively far away from the subject. I am coming to this based on the lack of significant light fall off from the top to bottom of the image. A medium softbox or beauty dish aimed at her face would have a much greater falloff towards her lower regions, unless it was a far distance away. A larger source at a relatively far distance would also produce the hard shadows we see.

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