First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Guidenet wrote:

I'd start with whatever normal zoom you can get as part of a kit or bundled package with the camera. All the choices are excellent. The inexpensive 24-85 VR would make a great middle zoom. So would the expensive 24-70 f/2.8 or the 24-120 f/4. See what's a good buy and start there.

For a prime lens, I'd either consider the 28 f/1.8G or the excellent 85 f/1.4G. That 85 f/1.4G is sort of a magical lens for portraits. The 85 f/1.8G is a whole lot cheaper but lacks some of that magic glass the more expensive model has.

Thanks so much to all of you!  So, I believe that I will likely start with two primes:

NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G Pretty much everyone recommended this one.
NIKKOR 85mm F/1.8G or maybe the 1.4
.... I can buy these at any time because they are not on sale.

But there is a sale on the three telephoto lenses if I buy them with the D800 by Saturday. Here are my choices. Any of these worth having and worth taking advantage of this promotion? If so, Of these, Which would you pick?  -- or would you pass on these and stick with whats recommended above?

70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G AF VR IF-ED    
$200.00 Off    
Final Price:$386.95

28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Zoom Lens
 Off  Final Price:$896.95

24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G AF-S ED VR Lens  

 Off  Final Price:$496.95

Also Speedlights are on sale, but not deeply discounted.
SB-910 AF Speedlight $50 Off
,    SB-700 AF Speedlight $30 Off

The 50 is a little close to the 85, you aren't covering much there and have nothing that can shoot wider or groups. I suggest again the sigma 35mm 1.4 with the 85 1.8g, then you cover much more than the 50mm. The sigma is a stunning lens, one of the very best of recent years, and you can stitch 2 shots together in a panorama to simulate a wider lens too.

Of the sale lenses, none. The flashes.. well maybe but with a 1.4 lens you might not use them much.. I don't think the reductions are worth buying it with a 'just in case' attitude, after a few months you will know if you want one. My SB-700 sits in a desk or stays in my bag 99% of the time I am out shooting. The 28-300 will compare very badly to the primes you are buying, the other two will compare pretty badly to them. They are good value consumer lenses but are only 6/10 lenses on the D800, if you had a smaller resolution camera they would be good value 8/10, but as you are spending lots of money on top quality, you might as well get the quality rather than put average glass in front of it (and lots of people are happy to do just that, but you'd be better off buying a cheaper camera then). Generally its a bad idea to spend far more on the camera than on the lenses.. there is the odd prime lens which is excellent despite its cheap cost (like the 85 1.8G), but the only zooms really worthy of the D800 are the ones that cost a lot. In 5 years time the D800 will be worth 30% or so of what you paid, the lenses might be worth 70-80%, and will generally last much longer than the camera, so better to slowly collect quality lenses.

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