200-400 4,0 vs 300/2,8 VR + TC 1,4II

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Re: 200-400 4,0 vs 300/2,8 VR + TC 1,4II

I have both.  For me the decision  comes down to what I will be shooting.

The 1.4 TC lives on my 300 f/2.8 VRII. If I was going to shoot primarily at infinity, this would be my choice over the 200-400.  IQ / sharpness seems to be a bit better for my style of shooting.  It's my handheld option for birds in flight or from the kayak.  Performs great at distance for smaller fast moving objects at f/4.  My combo shows little degradation in IQ with the TC.  AF appears to be on par with the 200-400.

The 200-400 VRII is my big game lens.  It affords a great deal of flexibility on safari or when framing large animals.  F/4 is helpful in the woods or for early AM shooting, but more often than not I am using it at f/5.6+ (more as a result of lighting conditions than IQ issues).  The issues around image quality at distance are over blown and are more of an issue for the pixel peepers than in actual practice.

Its more of a question of the right tool for the job vs material differences in IQ.  Both are great lenses.

Laci55 wrote:

Has anyone compared these lenses shooting wide open? What would you choose?

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