RAID, to?

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>>>Raid 5 is more for uptime all the time.

RAID 5 uses a parity algorithm to allow three drives to store the same data as four drives. While in some instances you have hot swap / rebuild capability by far the majority of consumer based storage doesn't implement this.

Hardware based RAID 5 is also notoriously fragile - far more than you are told. RAID 6 is a bit better in this respect, but a controller failure or error will wipe terrabytes of data in short order. RAID 6 just distributes the target better.

Software based RAID 5, aka many Linux NAS solutions are more hardened than hardware based because an over-heating chip won't write garbage to a sensitive parity stripe.

Still, given the cheap cost of storage RAD 1 or 10 should be your first choice.

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