OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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No bug, just is the way it works.....

n8gray wrote:

You should send a bug report to olympus with this info!

Every Oly camera with TTL flash does this same thing. It's no bug, just the way it is designed and we have to learn to use it properly.

My examples tried to show......

♦ The same flash results occurred whatever metering mode was used.

♦ The TTL needs plus 1.3 to plus 1.7 flash compensation to get a proper exposure.

♦ If some nearer or more reflective object is in the frame then the flash output changes to suit what it gets from measuring the  reflection during the test TTL shots prior to exposure. Tests and adjusts are always needed with flash.

My theory is that the deliberate Oly underexposure is due to its probable most likely use as fill-in flash and this under-exposure helps prevent the too flashed look.

In fact if I use the proper exposure as seen via a histogram in dim conditions where the ambient contributes nothing of worth then the result looks too flashed and un-natural despite there being no burnt highlights, so for me backing off to plus 1.3 flash compensation delivers a nicer result. That's with direct or bounce flash and any Pen body or any Olympus flash that I've tried.

Regards....... Guy

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