First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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Re: First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

I think many of the review sites especially those that have a link to a store have to be taken with a pinch of salt, as the new model of every lens type is always better.

One of these sites has also discovered that tiny mistakes in tests can show large errors, especially in the corners of lens tests, the other problem with the too technical sites is that they are gear-heads like many people here, and not necessarily very creative, while the real creative photographers are choosing lenses that help them earn money and reputation.

Lenses are like tools and over the years they have been adapted to achieve a specific purpose, a lens like the old 50 AFD 1.4 is a good example, it is soft wide open and gradually gets sharper, until f5.6 /f8 when it really becomes sharp. So the portrait photographer can shoot the wrinkled mother in law a bit blurred, the bride and groom a bit sharper and children sharper still. And most importantly the photographer will get paid as everyone is happy.

The Nikon af 85mm 1.4D has very rapid blur because the edges are not as-sharp as the centre, and the 26,000 photo examples at flickriver, many from very gifted photographers, are amazing. As the lens is stopped down, like the fifty it gets sharper and sharper. Once again giving the photographer a series of choices, although it is sharper wide open than the Fifty, I would say the goldilocks zone. Also the bokeh is amazing, I think much better than the 1.4g version where sharpness fights the blur and it is just not as creamy, though creative photographers might take the slightly strange 85mm 1.4G blurr and make some new form of creative photographic look.

I am interested in creative lenses, and not lenses that are sharp at every f-stop, corner to centre, that will take pictures like a cheap POS, ie very boring.

If you hold out your thumb at arms length, the thumb nail is the size that a human eye can focus on, the picture is made from scanning the photograph, usually from the centre, and is then processed by the brain. Pictures are far more interesting if each scanned area is creatively different, concentrating and directing our brains processing along a pleasant slightly varied path, we will form an opinion of the subject almost immediately before we even look at the edges.

You can look up your lens here to see what other people have done with it: and sometimes, they will say what tricks they used.


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