Calling GordonBGood - Q DNG file size

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Re: Thanks both

steephill wrote:

The K-7 DNG's are indeed compressed - it uses JPEG compression scheme - whereas the Q files are reported as uncompressed. I wonder why Pentax left the Q files uncompressed?

Steve, both the Pentax format PEF's and DNG's use Loss Less JPEG compression (Huffman) to compress the files and not the usual lossy JPEG compression used for final output files; Pentax DSLR DNG's have been compressed since the K-7 and K-x including the K-01 and the K-30, with the introduction of the PRIME2 and PRIMEM hardware imaging engines, whereas the original PRIME hardware imaging engine used in the K-10, K-20, K-200, and K2000/K-m did not support DNG compression.

The 'Q' does not use a PRIME anything DSLR hardware imaging engine and it seems neither raw compression nor the faster raw data file handling of the latest PRIME engines are supported.  This may reflect that it is actually an older design for which introduction was deferred until sensor technology got good enough, as has been rumoured.

Regards, GordonBGood

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