SUCCESS- Printfab and the Epson 3880 prints 17x56 pano

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Re: SUCCESS- Printfab and the Epson 3880 prints 17x56 pano

Tom-C wrote:

Great photo. Where is that?

I've suggested Printfab a number of times but you are the first  person to report back with details on how it went. Others will benefit from your experience and detailed instructions.

Why did you say that you would leave a longer margin next time?


Thanks Tom

That's Denali here in Alaska.

Printfab was great but I haven't been able to get my colors right out of it yet.

The longer ends are because the curl in the paper. You have to manhandle the paper a bit to get it to load, lots of hands/fingers on basically shoving it into the rear feed. Also, when the end of the paper comes out, it has a lot of spring in it from the curl, so it can reach up and touch inked parts of the printer that it shouldn't.

Note... in the end, the end pieces did not get accidentally inked or malformed from handling very much. I still want a little bit more of a leader and trailer to work with though.

BEST PRACTICE - get the dang roll out of the paper with one of those way overpriced derollers.

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