Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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Re: Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

jburrows500 wrote:

Joe..  Let me say it again..  its doesn't mater who took it, what experience he brings to the table, or what equipment he has to take it.. The only thing that matters is the product... the end result!    it was a great shot.. you missed the whole point!  The irony was.. it blew my 5D away!  Your stuck on the means that made the great shot.. who cares!  Focus on the product Joe and less about whats around your neck.


You are stuck on how an image taken in ideal conditions looks ok on a tiny screen. Aside from the in-camera stitching, your 5D could take that same panorama with an incredible increase in detail (which is sorely lacking in the Ipod image) and greatly reduced noise (the sky looks awful without even going to 100%). In fact, any recent point and shoot could top that image as well.

If the end use is a Facebook image, it's acceptable. Anything beyond that and I'd want better quality.

If you don't know how to take that same image with your 5D (handheld too), well, we're back to my statements about you needing to learn your equipment.

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