Strange Panasonic sensor strategy!

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Re: Strange Panasonic sensor strategy!

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I'm curious ... you seem to want a compact camera with the new sensor. You already have an excellent sensor in the modern 12mp in the GF5 (tests quite well and almost up to the 16mp standard) ... so you don't really need an upgrade. But what stops you from grabbing the GF6? A decent 16mp sensor with a lot of nice features on an already tight user interface.

If I did not already have a GF3 I would jump at one in a heart beat. Maybe later I'll grab a used one. But for me the G6 is a really great upgrade for both my G5 and my GH2. The question is which one goes? Do I keep the G5 and use that with the G6? Or do I keep the GH2 so I have two cameras than can do manual video control? Tough call ... good problem to have

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Well, I had a GF3 which I sold when I thought having two systems was distracting from building my DSLR collection up.  But, well, I often need a camera I can take with me that isn't heavy gear.  And thus I returned to the GF5 and I think I've done better this time limiting myself to pancakes.  I think I have more fun with the GF5 (and I did with the GF3) than the DSLR but I'm afraid the DSLR still has the performance edge.  Looking at benchmarks from say DXO mark, the E-PM2 has a dynamic range closer to my D5100 which is what I crave.

The only problem is that I really like the GF5.  With the 20mm lens on it, I have a lot of fun.  Regarding the GF6, I think given present pricing I'd be inclined to get a GX1 over the GF6.  My GF5 has an Eye-Fi in it so I don't need wifi or NFC and I think I'd prefer a hotshoe to no shoe!.

Mainly at this point I'm just trying to talk myself out of buying more camera equipment.  This isn't the best site for that ... *ahem*

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