Would you buy a 50mm equivilent x100

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Franka T.L. Veteran Member • Posts: 8,143
wide or long standard would be better

something like a 29mm ( equate 43.5 mm on film ) or 40mm ( equate 60mm on film ) both still being f/2.0 would be better. The Wide standard would be more useful especially for those who like me who do not like the wide aspect of say the 35mm perspective and ts likely to be able to be made compact and light yet. The long focal standard made it that more pleasing for those seeking a concentrated but still not long focal apparoch to composition ( and of course longer focal length afford better DOF control )

That spoken, I think a 12mm ( 18 on film ) or 16mm ( 24 on film ) at f/2.4 would be great companion to the X100s

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