First Post - D800 soon, Please Advise: Which first two lenses?

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r0gue wrote:

Anthony Nadia wrote:

...I'm not about to question why you as a beginner are considering a D800.  As a matter of fact, I applaud you for having the good instincts to buy something superb, sophisticated and flexible that you won't grow out of in a year.

Thank you for the kind words.  My quest started in the DX models and I was soon convinced that FX was where I wanted to be based on the number of folks I'd noticed selling their DX to go FX.  Many of them were going to the Canon (E6?) model which is a pretty nice price right now.  But something about the feel of the Nikon, and the numbers of people I'd noticed embracing them in the forums led me that way.  I'm a technology guy, so I can appreciate specs, but what I really like is that in 10 years, this will still be a great camera.  So front loading the investment will not be a waste like over-buying a PC now would be in say.. 10 years.  So in short, why not?  

I think I'll have three lenses in short order, but the one that I get WITH the D800 will be the discounted lens, so I want to leverage the maximum discount.

Lens Sale

That's the page I'm looking at.  If I'm ultimately going to get a lens from the top row, better to get it now if you know what I mean.  hehe

Personally, I think the D800 is a superb camera for a beginner or seasoned photographer. Don't start second guessing your decisions now.

The only thing I suggest is to stick to your guns and start out with only one or two lenses. Then take the time to really learn them and learn the camera. Master photography the best you can without tryig to build a kit overnight. Be passionate and join clubs. Take a course or two in photography. Buy some books like Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure.

The only think that bothers me about new people jumping in with the best cameras at the start is they may not take the time to really learn photography. When that happens, they find the fancy expensive gear isn't automatically creating great images. They second guess themselves and maybe their gear choice instead of understanding the problem is their understanding of photography, both the craft and the art. I note the gentleman who just poisted he wished he'd gotten Canon. I can only guess he would be having the same issues with Canon and then would be wishing he'd purchased Nikon. It's too bad, really.

So don't buy too much early on. Stick to the one or two lenses and master them first. Let any limitations later guide you in additional needs if they arise. For example, if you find you can't get close enough to birds in your backyard, you might need a telephoto. You might find you enjoy climbing into your subject to show space and depth. You might need a very wide lens, but you have to master what you have to be able to make those observations.

I'd start with whatever normal zoom you can get as part of a kit or bundled package with the camera. All the choices are excellent. The inexpensive 24-85 VR would make a great middle zoom. So would the expensive 24-70 f/2.8 or the 24-120 f/4. See what's a good buy and start there.

For a prime lens, I'd either consider the 28 f/1.8G or the excellent 85 f/1.4G. That 85 f/1.4G is sort of a magical lens for portraits. The 85 f/1.8G is a whole lot cheaper but lacks some of that magic glass the more expensive model has. Either would be fine to start with though. You really don't even need the prime to begin with. Like I mention. Learn and master that kit zoom, which ever you purchase.

If you take the time to really learn this stuff and you stay passionate about it, you'll make all the difference in the world. Stay happy and enjoy the path.

Take care and welcome to our world.

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Cheers, Craig
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