Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Capture is a fine term. I think you need some perspective

Najinsky wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

if it was indeed called capture, which is not proved yet.

I'm not trying to prove anything or convince anyone. It simply comes down to how I like to communicate.

The next time you post a photo I like, I may say;

"Excellent work, nice capture"

Why not say, excellent work, nice picture, or photograph. Why is wrongwith the proper term. Why invent a new one?


"Well done, you really captured the mood"

That sentence is perfectly acceptable, a mood certainly can be captured.

Once I do that, one of three things will happen. Either;

a) You understand what I have tried to communicate and take the compliment offered,

b) you are confused by the strange words,

c) you are offended by the stylistic 'hipster' use of grammar.

We'll just have to wait and see which it is.

None of those. Just a heartfelt wish that you had used the great descriptive and more meaningful words that we already had.


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