Do you print with the intent to view under certain lighting?

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Alpha Doug wrote:

Actually, it sounds like your monitor, probably by accident, is pretty close on.  When I print, using a color calibrated system, I check the prints under a 5000K fluorescent light, pointed downward, next to my monitor.  This seems to work just fine.  However..... All prints will look somewhat different depending on the lighting conditions.  If they are in daylight, they will be close on to what I described above, but looking at them in 2300-2900 Kelvin Incandescent lighting will make them seem warm (the reflected orange light from the incandescents).  That's why galleries try to use color balanced or "neutral" lighting.

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}

The original question was if anyone printed for the value of lighting under which the print is to be viewed. My answer was always. Prints never look exactly like the monitor shows no matter how well calibrated it is. There is always the difference between monitor illumination and print reflectivity. I always do test prints (just like I did with the chemical processes) for evaluation before the final print is done. Actually, there may be more than one final print and adjustment depending upon where the print is to be viewed and my changing view of how I want it to look. I am seldom completely happy with a print as there is always something that can be done to improve it.

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