New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

kelpdiver wrote:

It would take me 2 or 3 seconds to move those 200 gig from one "partition" to another.  The trick is that I'm not forcing myself into a situation where I need to actually read and re-write the blocks.  I just need the directory records updated.

But if you're using these to store movies, why the heck do you need multiple partitions anyway?  Again, you've creating the problem, and then advocating 7200 rpm drives to try to address it, even though it doesn't really solve the problem well, just less bad than the 5400 rpm drives would.

I know what you mean, but actually it won't take up 2 or 3 seconds to move those very large files, If you "Cut" them it may take less than a minute as the drive will just change where you "Point Out" but I copied them from one folder to another, it would take up to 20 minutes, I took the 2 snapshots with interval about 5 minutes. I have SSD for OS, 1TB RAID0 HDDs for work and storage and 2TB HDD as a general backup.

To end this Up, I wouldn't get green drives since 7200 RPM drives are much better performers and in the same cost. I don't give a damn for the slight difference in power consumption, temperature are within 30s in most cases.

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