A great deal on an excellent location monolight...

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Re: A great deal on an excellent location monolight...

Curiosity got the best of me and I ordered it.  Here is a quick, out of box review.

The carrying case is nice.

It comes with one reflector dish that connects through a Bowen speedring mount.

The entire outside casing is plastic, including the speedring latch and the light stand attachment.  There was something rattling around loose inside mine...a bit disconcerting.  There is a spot to push in an umbrella.

The LED modeling light looks to be about a 50 lumen 1/2 watt LED that isn't adjustable and is too weak for most applications.  I'd probably just leave it off.

The light cover/protector also doubles as a diffuser...like a diffuser on a flash.

On full power, it is about equal to a higher powered speed light (like a Nikon SB800) but without the speed lights focus system the range will be considerably less.  Just like a speed light, you have to be aware of limits that you can go with modifiers because you don't have any spare power.

Its refresh rate is about 3 seconds on full power...just a bit faster than my SB800 with a set of 5 NiMh batteries inside it (4 seconds.)

It doesn't come with an AC adapter, but you could build or buy one pretty cheap and use it with the 15v input.

I still need to see how color changes with power.  It seems a bit cooler than my SB800.

I'm not sure if there is much advantage to this over your speed light because of the lack of power.

Advantages over speedlight.  1.  You can use standard Bowen's modifiers (which you could do with a speedlight if you buy a stand/adapter.)  2.  The refresh rate is a little faster.  3.  The modeling light might help you see in dark setups and get a visual on shadow lengths.  4.  The amount of shots, per battery charge is greater (according to specs...haven't tested this.)

Then there are the disadvantages.  1.  Manual mode only.  2.  Much bulkier than speedlight.  3.  Proprietary batteries and charger.  3.  Less "range" than speedlight.  4.  More fragile than speedlight.

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